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Heat Shrink Bus Bar Tubing



Ÿ           Prohibit short circuit fault caused by small animals such as mouse, snake, etc

Ÿ           Prevent corrosion of chemical substances to the bus, such as acid alkali and salt, etc

Ÿ           Prevent dew flashover and dirt flashover

Ÿ           Prevent overhaul personnel from entering the power gap so that an accident or inquiry may occur

Ÿ           Adapt to the small-scale development trend of the switch cabinet

Ÿ           Solve the interphase insulation problem of the bus trough


Material Feature:

Test Item


Electric Volume Resistivity


Disruptive Strength


AC withstand voltage test


Lightning Surge

75kv Peak

Inflaming Retarding(O.I.)



Dimension Range (mm)

Inner Diameter Before Its Expansion

Inner Diameter After Its Expansion




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