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American Type 600A SeriesT Connector and T-II Connector


T and T-II Connector is used in main network system of cable branch box or used as incoming and outgoing cable adapter of ring-net cabinet. It not only can connect 600A high-voltage bushing and multiple socket combination, but also can connect 600A bus bushing and back T-shape adapter combination to form multi-route cable branches. The product is equipped with electrical test probe. The nominal current is 600A and applicable cable section is 25-400mm2 . It is applicable for 40/52/82.3/5/8 sockets.



Ÿ           It is fully insulated, sealed and shielded product

Ÿ           It is made with internationally advanced post injection insulation coating process and features high electrical properties, more safe and reliable to use

Ÿ           The central pitch is only 132mm after this T connector is mounted to the back T connector, reducing 100mm compare to the traditional T connector. The central pitch is shorter than of  traditional T connector by 30 mm after T-II connector and elbow plug are mounted. However, it can fully meet installation space requirement of ring-net cabinet and make the structure dimension of cable distribution wiring box further small.

Ÿ           External shield layer with a thickness of 2mm is available and grounding resistance is less than 1000ΩCm. It is a most international advanced pre-fabricated type separable connector.


Electrical Properties

Main Test Item of European Type 630A Cold Shrink Type Separable Connector

Test Item


Rated Voltage

8.7/15 KV

Rated Current


AC Withstand Voltage


15KV Local Discharge

2 PC

Short-time Withstand Current

20KA/3S  /  12.5KA/3S

Dynamic Standing Current

50KA /40KA



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